AsteRx SB3 family expands with dedicated base station receiver in a ruggedized enclosure

Septentrio introduces the latest generation of GPS/GNSS base station receivers, designed for the creation of top-quality measurements for RTK and differential corrections.


AsteRx SB3 ProBase RTK base station GNSS receiver


Leuven, Belgium – October 19, 2022 - Septentrio, a leader in high-precision GNSS positioning solutions, announces today the launch of the AsteRx SB3 ProBase, a new variant in its popular ruggedized receiver family. The AsteRx SB3 ProBase is IP68 housed GNSS base station receiver, featuring the latest quad constellation GNSS technology for best quality measurements.

“Customers often look for a simple, high-quality and easy-to-integrate base station to set up local high precision RTK or to densify their network and the AsteRx SB3 ProBase is the perfect solution.” said Silviu Taujan, Product Manager at Septentrio. “Thanks to its configuration flexibility and monitoring capabilities it is extremely easy to deploy and configure the SB3 ProBase. Plus, it comes with our industry leading GNSS+ technologies, including anti-jam and anti-spoofing technology (AIM+) for unbeatable robustness and reliability.”

The AsteRx SB3 ProBase complements the SB3 receiver family: the  AsteRx SB3 Pro, rover receiver, the AsteRx SB3 Pro+ rover and base receiver, and the AsteRx SB3 CLAS, dedicated for the Japanese market.

AsteRx SB3 products are pin-to-pin compatible with Septentrio’s popular AsteRx SB ProDirect receiver and with the recently released AsteRx SBi3 GNSS/INS system, making it simple to change receivers. For more information on the AsteRx SB3 ProBase and its variants, please visit our product pages or contact the Septentrio sales team.


About Septentrio:

Septentrio designs and manufactures multi-frequency multi-constellation GPS/GNSS positioning technology for demanding applications. Reliable centimeter-level positioning enables machine automation improving efficiency and safety. Septentrio provides positioning solutions for industrial applications such as robotics, construction, survey and mapping, maritime, logistics and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

Septentrio has its headquarters in Leuven, Belgium and has a world-wide presence with offices in Los Angeles, Shanghai, Seoul and Yokohama as well as numerous partners around the world. To learn more about Septentrio and its products, visit .


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